Apps for Jazzers Presentation at NJW 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.28.14 AMHi everyone! Here is my presentation on “Apps for Jazzers” at the National Jazz Workshop in Winchester, Virginia. This presentation is interactive, so feel free to double click on the sandy part and add your ideas!!! You can access the presentation in many ways:

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Apps for Jazzers

Jazz Apps

iReal Pro app – if you don’t have it, you need it, now. 7.99 

Mimicopy – best transcribing app. You can add music via WIFI, slow down, speed up, change keys, and it’s easy to use. 

iImprov Suite of Apps: -android and iphone 

Fundamentals app – learn scales,
chords, jams, ear training
Jazz Theory Quiz app – quizzes on jazz theory, 2.99
The Minor II V app – explanations, jam along 3.99
Modal app – Scales, audio, jams 3.99 Chord/Scale Compendium app – hear
and see any scale/chord .99
Bebop app – 9 lessons in how to apply
the descending half step, 8 jam alongs
Search “iImprov” and you will see all of them
Good Ear Intervals – Free 

Jazz Scale App – learn jazz scales, seenotation .99 

Jazz Box App – shows you the root chord position for any jazz chord, .99  

The History of Jazz App – 45 hours of video, iPad only, timeline, 9.99 

Bebop Walking Bass App – 3.99 

Bebop Scales on Guitar HD – 9.99 

Band-in-a-Box – FREE 

Barry’s Scale Reminder – .99 

Music Listening Apps  – listen to any song from computer, pay to listen on mobile  – just like spotify, but available for mobile, and has lyrics

Naxos music library – many schools
subscribe to this library which allows
you to hear millions of classical songs

Recording Apps

Soundcloud – Free   

TinyVox Pro – easy to share, email, tweet, etc – free or paid version  

Garage Band – 

Metronome/Tuner/Marching Band

Tempo app by Frozen Ape – create playlists, emphasize beats, light flashes  

Tonal Energy Tuner app – best for pedal

A.P.S. Music Master – Tuner, metronome, pdf viewer, markup, audio 

A.P.S. Tuning Trainer – plays pitches, determine sharp/flat  

Cleartune app – 

Audio Engineering Tools

If you’re still using Audacity orGarageband, switch to StudioOne immediately. 


Audio Tool – dB meter, tempo, mic, oscilloscope, tone generator, bit calculator, audio glossary   

Audio Tool for Android – spectrum analyzer, heat maps 

Decibel 10th – decibel meter and oscillator (free) 

Music PDF Apps  – this site allows you to see any score before 1923

Unrealbook app – add pdfs to your iPad, create playlists, sync playlists across devices, turn pages with the air turn pedals, write on pdfs 2.99 

iClassical Scores – search the IMSLP (Internet Music Library) for any score written before 1923 in the publicdomain. Also take pictures and add your own pdfs. 1.99 

Teaching Resources  – this bulletin board is interactive!  – quickly and easily create gifs from your computer  – automatically “grades” quizzes done through Google forms  – create presentations online, beautiful, great for non-linear topics  – free stock photos  – convert PDF documents to word documents  – create vocabulary sets, play games, print flash cards, print vocab sheet, AUTO GENERATE TESTS!!!!  – create animations!

YouTube playlists – I use YouTube playlists to keep all my video resourcesin one place for a topic  – post your own materials or buy materials from others. Awesome resource for worksheets, bulletin boards, word walls, units, etc.

Video  – like vine, but you can collaborate with multiple people to create a short video  – take a video with your phone. Upload it to wipster. send it to someone. they (and you) can put little sticky notes on it.  – coache’s eye app, review video and make annotations

Pocket tuber app – listen to youtube videos in the background

Music Teaching Apps (secondary)

Rhythm Sight Reading Trainer app – play along and it tells you if you played it correctly. Throw it up on a smart boardand let the band use it to warm up for articulations. 2.99    

Scales Lexicon – learn 100+ scales 4.99 

Tenuto app – this is the app that accompanies the website 3.99    

Do Re Mi Voice Training App – sing into this app and it will tell you about pitch 9.99   

Notation Apps  – free online notation program. export as MIDI. share and embed.  – create sheetmusic with the musescore software then share it on their website  – music notation software, free

Notate Me – app that allows you to write a music with your finger or stylus then converts it to notation. export as MIDI. Notate Me Now is free and only allows 1 staff. 39.99 

Score Cloud Express – sing it, play it into
your iDevice, and it will write out your
idea in music notation 

Instrument Apps

OMGuitar – great app to learn tunes,
strum chords, create music 

ProKeys – great app for keyboards, two manuals 

Synthesizer Apps

Impaktor – awesome drum synth. Hit
the desk and create wav files based on
the sounds  

Session Band app – create chords for backgrounds, like band in a box 

Harmonic Explorer – this is a free VST instrument provided by   which allows you to build square, sawtooth, and triangle waves by adding and subtracting the various harmonics Mechanical Licensing  – LimeLight – clearance; better than Harry Fox (will clear almost anything!)

Digital Hacks

Reflector app – put your iPhone on your computer so it can be projected onto the big screen. Download Reflector onto your PC or Mac and it will pick up your iPhone or iPad through AirPlay automatically.  – Keep yourself safe as you walk the city at night. You can sign up for this service, and it will send a text to a loved one if you don’t check in when you get home. It’s free and no smart phone required. All text based.  – get rid of tab clutter  – track when someone opens your email  – if this, then that. automate anything digitally with “recipes”  – automatically sends email reminders

Photon – Flash Browser for your iPad 

Remote app – free remote from your
phone to Apple TV  – create a pin from a screenshot  – Stitcher app is the best podcasting app! Coming out in new cars along with Pandora. Make playlists, favorite, low bandwidth

Jazz Radio

Listen to jazz from anywhere!
Jazz Radio app – free
WBGO app – free

JazzBird from Jazz Boston app – free

Picture Editing  – create collages, add text to images, great for Facebook templates  – like photoshop, but free and online

Grid Lens app – allows you to make collages of photos and post to social media Elementary Music Teaching Apps

Note Squish, app to teach notation for kids .99   

Flash Note Derby – musical note flash cards  

Tap and Sing app for toddlers – learn musical concepts for pre-k children 

Cloud Storage  – 3 GB  – 15 GB  – 15 GB  – 50 GB

Motivation apps  – create goals, social free 


Find My iPhone app – enable this to find an iphone from anywhere 

Prey app – install this on any of your devices, and it will take photos with your built in camera if the computer is stolen (android and iOS)  

Just For Fun  – self explanatory

Songsterr Tabs and Chords app – learn
any song (500k to choose from) with
tabs and chords 

Shazam – identify any song on the radio Background Noise while you Work  – pick nature sounds  – meditation sounds  – great starbucks sounds  – create combinations of nature sounds

Internet Marketing  – schedule tweets/facebook posts  – see # visits and traffic for any site on the web  – use this to capture leads and interact with people on your site

Google Analytics

CrazyEgg Heat Mapping

Swiftype – know what people are looking for on your website