You can contact Shannon Gunn, jazz trombonist, through Facebook/Twitter/Google+/LinkedIn/.
Shannon Gunn no longer publishes email/phone due to excessive spam.

You can also find her every Monday night at Bohemian Caverns in NW DC playing bass trombone with the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra.

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  1. Hi Shannon, I’ve been enjoying reading your blog, and was wondering if you might be interested in sharing some exciting new information with your readers? If you send me a note at, I’d be happy to resend this with the links embedded directly for your convenience.

    I’m writing to share with you four new exciting areas to Hip-BoneMusic that we hope you’ll enjoy, and pass along to your readers.
        1) Bone2PickBone2Pick (Interviews with top artists of our day)
        2) Hip-BoneU videos – (see the bottom of this email for discount codes for your readers) ((Online lesson for FIVE BUCKS!))
        3) New Solo études – Bone Kill & Trumpet Kill
        4) A new Blog:Connected to the Hip-Bone: by Michael Davis (Thoughts from the Hip-Bone)

    I’m trying to help my friend, Mr. Michael Davis, New York freelance trombonist (former member of the Buddy Rich big band, and current trombonist with the Rolling Stones) get the word out on some great new educational materials that he’s produced, and share some incredible interviews (free) with the top musicians in our field today.

    I wanted to give you plenty of information, but not swamp you, so I’ve included some specifics below if you’d like, or simply explore the links above.

    Please take a look, and let us know what you think–we’d love to hear from you, and appreciate any feedback.  Thank you very much for your time, and your contribution to the brass community!

         The Hip-Bone Music Team

    AREA ONE: Bone2Pick
    Mr. Davis been working on a line of interviews with top musicians at Bone2Pick, featuring interviews with Jerry Hey, Bob Mintzer, Denis Wick, Bill Reichenbach, Dick Nash, with many more to come!  This month’s artist is drummer extraordinaire–Peter Erskine.  There are many more great musicians to come, please stay tuned!  A new interview is posted each month.

    AREA TWO: Hip-bone U videos: Online lessons from today’s top brass.
    Mr. Davis and other top brass artists (Bill Reichenbach, Chris Gekker, and more) – Video walkthroughs for the 15 Minute Warm-Up, the 20 Minute Warm-Up, and walkthroughs for some of the chamber music compositions featured on Mr. Davis’ CDs.  More coming soon!

    AREA THREE: Books & études
    Warm-Up and Fundamental books, études, duets, chamber music, and more.  Our latest release is Bone Kill & Trumpet Kill, a series of unaccompanied etudes études ideal for recitals and spicing up your practice!

    AREA FOUR: Connected to the Hip-Bone
    Follow the thoughts and insights of Michael Davis, as plays and teaches across the globe.

    Thank you very much for your support of Hip-BoneMusic!  To say thank you for being a loyal fan, we wanted to give you a discount code to order the first Hip-BoneU video for a mere FIVE BUCKS!

    Please, check it out, use it in good health, and let us know what you think!  It’s our goal to provide you with great resources to help you become a better musician and have fun in the process.  Please let us know if we can help at any time.

    Use the links below to claim your prize, and thanks again for your support!

    15 Minute Warmup: CODE: 4xR9E
    20 Minute Warmup: CODE: V8W3w

    15 Minute Warmup: CODE: 74dsD
    20 Minute Warmup: CODE: V33uj

      Michael Davis and Hip-BoneMusic

    Now, get back to work- time to play the horn! 🙂

    Thanks for your time Shannon, see you at the top!

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