Full Presentation: Apps for Jazzers 2019

This is a video of my presentation at the Jazz Educator’s Network conference on January 11th, 2019. You can find the PDF outline at www.shannongunn.net. Thanks for watching!

Full Presentation of Apps for Jazzers by Shannon Gunn

Apps for Jazzers Clinic Description and Outline

This presentation goes over the top 10 apps every musician should have with a deep dive into synthesis, loops, pedals, processing, and recording at the end. 45 – 50 minute session outline includes:

  1. Utilities (tuner, metronome, iReal, iGigBook, payment apps, scanning)
  2. Sheet music/set lists, including sharing within a band and turning pages across devices
  3. Notation
  4. Transcribing
  5. Band directing apps, including theory, ear training, pedagogy and inspirational apps
  6. Lead sheet resources
  7. Pedals/Effects
  8. Synths
  9. Looping
  10. Recording

Deep dive into Apps for Live Performance:

  • Audio interface setup
  • Pedals
  • Live Looping
  • Recording
  • Demonstration of synth apps and how to use them, including oscillators, filters, modulators and internal effects

Advanced Apps for Jazzers also includes:

  • Audio versus MIDI
  • Audiobus
  • MIDI controlled apps, including synths, loops, and how to link apps together and control them separately

Note: The presentation is constantly evolving to match the needs of musicians and advances in technology. You can view the JEN 2019 Presentation PDF handout here: https://www.shannongunn.net/blog/2019/01/11/apps-for-jazzers-2019/

How to Link Apps with AudioBus (iOS)

Have you ever wanted to record a non-Apple synth app into Garageband on your iPad? Or perhaps you want to run your synth app through your pedal effects app? This is all possible through the Audiobus app. Watch the tutorial below to learn how to link your apps together.