JazzCast Episode 11: Marty Nau


This is a podcast is an interview with Marty Nau, DC based alto saxophonist. Marty can be found playing all over the metropolitan DC area, including at Twins Jazz Club, with the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Orchestra, with the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra out of GMU, and with the Smithsonian Masterworks Jazz Orchestra. This interview was really fun for me because none of his music is available online; you have to purchase a physical CD (which you can only get from him, or perhaps on Amazon). He’s old fashioned in that way and proud of it. He has self produced several albums; this podcast will feature songs from his project with strings and his clarinet project arranged by Scott Silbert.  If you’d like to know more about his mentor and favorite jazz musician, you can read his interview with NEA Jazz Master Phil Woods by clicking hereIf you like his playing, you can hear him this weekend at Twins Jazz Club at 14th and U St. in Washington, DC! May 9th and 10th at 8 and 10 pm sets, $16 tickets with $10 minimum with Steve Williams. Thanks for listening! Please subscribe and review on iTunes if you get a chance.

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