Tenor Madness 2 Note Voicings and Bass Line

Below you will find sheet music for Tenor Madness 2 note voicings for piano and a sample bass line with notes written in for convenience. When constructing a bass line, I incorporated a I – vi – ii – V7 turnaround during the last two measures, but that would be dependent on what others were playing on the bandstand. I also incorporated a ii – V7 turnaround in measure 8 per the recording (although this is not on any of the real books.) A lot of real books will put in a ii – V7 in measure 9 and another in measure 10 – I put those chords in the chart as optional, but kept the bass line vanilla for educational purposes because they did not play it that way on the original recording. This doesn’t mean it’s wrong to incorporate extra ii V7s, and this is where the rhythm section will need to listen to each other very closely to determine what to do on the spot. The recording that matches this bass line is below the PDF.

The 2 note voicings are based off the 3rds and 7ths of each chord, and can be used as the “guidetones.” You want to aim toward the guide tones while improvising to hit those 3rds and 7ths to help outline the chord.

Hope this is helpful!

You may opt to download the PDF by clicking the download button below the chart.