Work Song Piano Voicings and Resources

When I teach improvisation, I strongly encourage everyone to learn the chords on piano (doesn’t have to be complex, can be 2 note voicings) as well as the bass line. I have resources for both 2 note and 3 note voicings. For pianists, consider stretching yourself into being able to play a left hand bass while comping right hand, like an organist. Click the links below for resources on how to play the piano parts. I have included a version with notes written in to help those of you who may be slow reading the opposite clef.

You can print directly from my website, or download it to your iPad or computer to place into your tablet. There is a download button below each chart.

Below is the recording I’m using for this lesson. This isn’t the first iteration of this song, but is a good example of how one might play it on the bandstand in a jam session.

Work Song 2 Note Voicings for piano

Work Song 3 Note Voicings for Piano

Work Song Organ Music

Work Song 2 Note Voicing With NOTES

Work Song 3 Note Voicings with Notes