Rhythm Queens

In March, 2018, the Jam Cellar dance studio asked Halley Shoenberg and Shannon Gunn to put together a separate small group from Shannon Gunn and the Bullettes which would showcase women instrumentalists for a show at Glen Echo. Reaching into their deep pockets of women improvisers, the Rhythm Queens were born (with an occasional guy, too!). The group is co-led by Shannon Gunn and Halley Shoenberg and are dedicated to performing swing and lindy-hop music at the highest standard. The sound is made up of tight instrumentals, collaborative improvisations, and scatting vocals and includes originals and authentic transcriptions based off of a 1930s and 1940s set list. Please enjoy this video below, of this group performing at DCLX in May, 2018! Note: this was a trad-jazz gig… dixieland style is also a part of our repertoire. Many thanks to DCLX “Love You Madly” for having us! Featuring Shacara Rogers on vocals, Halley Shoenberg on sax, Karine Chapdelaine on Bass, Cynthia Marie on piano, and Tony Martucci on drums. Please share!

DC Lindy Exchange: https://dclx.org/