JazzCast Ep. 14: Aaron Quinn, guitar!

Aaron_quinn_front.jpgHello everyone! I am very happy to bring to you this interview with Aaron Quinn, a jazz guitarist who hails from Columbus, Ohio. From “Liver Quiver” to “Surfs Up Hose Down,” Aaron was very generous with his time and his explanations of the tunes he picked for us to hear.  This is great music, people! I will update the site throughout the week with all the names that were mentioned in this podcast. In the meantime, here are the songs, in order of appearance: (you can download most of these from his band camp, linked up below)

  1. “No, but I think You’re Neat” – Liver Quiver
  2. “My Ordinary, No Avail” – Liver Quiver
  3. “The Ocean Gets its Saltiness from the Tears of Misunderstood Sharks (Who Just Want To Cuddle)” – Surfs Up, Hose Down
  4. “Bad Girls Go To Hell” – Surfs Up, Hose Down
  5. “Michalec” – Aaron Quinn Nonet
  6. “Chain Smoke Your F(@&$ Heart Out” – Aaron Quinn Nonet
  7. “Weird Doors Open, People Fall Into Things” – Aaron Quinn Nonet
  8.  “I Apologize for My S@#$% Cooking” – Liver Quiver

If you liked his music, maybe you’d like to see him as he goes about his Midwest Tour? Liver Quiver will be performing: Team Players East Coast/Midwest Tour

  • July 10: Team Players. UNC Chapel Hill (NC). (w/Dickens Campaign)
  • July 11: Team Players. Elsewhere (Greensboro, NC)
  • July 12: Team Players. Sharp Nine (Durham, NC)
  • July 13: Team Players. DC Jazz Loft (Washington DC)
  • July 14: Team Players. Nova (Woodbridge, VA)
  • July 14: Billy Wolfe’s Tetradectet. Bohemian Caverns (Washington DC)
  • July 15: Billy Wolfe’s Tetradectet. An Die Musik (Baltimore, MD)
  • July 17: Fields and Planes. Garden Theater (Columbus, OH) 10:00pm
  • July 18: Insane Jazz Posse. Jazz and Ribs Fest. 11:00am-12:30pm
  • July 18: Billy Wolfe’s Tetradectet. Brothers Drake. 5:00pm-9:00pm
  • July 18: Oliver Oak. Rumba Cafe. 9:00pm-2:ooam
  • July 19: Billy Wolfe’s Octet. Dick’s Den. 10:00pm-2:00am
  • July 21: Liver Quiver/Team Players. TBD (Cincinnati, OH)
  • July 22: Liver Quiver/Team Players. Natasha’s (Lexington, KY)
  • July 23: Liver Quiver/Team Players. Dreamland (Louisville, KY) – Team Players
  • July 24: Liver Quiver/Team Players. Black Sparrow (Lafayette, IN) – Team Players
  • July 25: Liver Quiver/Team Players. Merriman’s (South Bend, IN) – Team Players
  • July 27: Billy Wolfe’s Tetradectet. Phyllis’ Musical Inn (Chicago, IL)
  • July 27: Team Players. Hungry Brain (Chicago, IL)
  • July 28: Liver Quiver/Team Players. Gr8 Collapsin (Ann Arbor, MI)
  • July 29: Liver Quiver/Team Players. Detroit Contemporary (Detroit, MI)

The websites for Liver Quiver are here: http://liverquiver.bandcamp.com, http://liverquiverband.wordpress.com. Aaron Quinn’s website is at http://theatrociousspeller.wordpress.com.

This podcast took about 10 hours to finish. Apparently people are listening, so I wanted it to sound good. I had to edit out all my talking on the phone conversation, although you’ll hear a few little blips. I really believe in what Aaron’s doing, and hope others will connect if they like it too! Leave me a comment! More info coming soon… Mentioned in this podcast:

more coming later! … TBC