JazzCast Ep 6: John Kocur Part 2

Kokur post pic 2Welcome to Episode 6 of the JazzCast, the podcast dedicated to curated listening sessions with jazz musicians! This is the second in a two part series of my interview with John Kocur, jazz saxophonist from Washington DC. On this podcast you will hear a little more about his influences as well as four more of his original songs from his albums “Fortitude” and “The Smoker.” I hope you enjoy his wonderful music and thank you for listening! I have to make one correction: the song played as an intro is actually called “Requiem” not “The Year of the Dragon” and was a tribute to some of the people who passed away that were close to him. Please join my email list or check back next Tuesday for additional episodes. Also please check out the links below to his songs that are available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Songs played in this podcast:

Mentioned in this podcast (including part 1):