How to Import PDFs into the ForScore App (ForScore Tutorials, Part 1)

This article will show you how to pull sheet music PDFs into your ForScore app, and is the first in a three part series about ForScore. The ForScore app is becoming the industry standard for sheet music management: it allows for sharing across devices, page turns across devices, is reliable, you can write on the music, and it is easy to use. I use this app on a daily basis, and create set lists for all the gigs with bands as a side-woman. Anyone who has played a salsa gig knows that each gig has about 60+ pages of sheet music, so this app (or one similar) has become a crucial part of the gig. I am focusing on this app because it has proven to be extremely reliable over the last year, while the other apps I tried had problems pulling up the correct music once I loaded it. I am not endorsing this app, though, and am open to other suggestions. I noticed there were a lack of tutorials on the Internet, thus the post. Let me know in the comments your favorite sheet music app.

This is first in a three part series:

Part 1: How to pull PDFs into ForScore

Part 2: How to Use ForScore (general overview)

Part 3: How to Flip Pages Across Devices

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