“State of Art”

A couple of weeks ago, I got to hear Ben Williams play at Bohemian Caverns for one of his many CD-Release concerts. Fantastic show. The piano player (forgot his name) was amazing, and Mr. Williams grooved his sox off. I actually went to school with Ben at Michigan State for the 2003 school year, but I was out of the jazz picture then because I was doing my student teaching at the time. As my husband said after the concert, “I’ve heard a lot of good bass players, but there’s just something about that guy…” And so I have been immersing myself in this album for the last couple of weeks, listening over and over as I drive around. I really like this album. There’s a lot of crossover, which surprised me, but in a good way. My favorite tracks are the lush arrangements with the string players. God it’s beautiful. He’s got MJ and a rapper on a jazz album. Good stuff, and I’m still hearing new things every time I listen. I will say the mixdown is interesting. There’s a ride cymbal on the right side that feels like it is right next to me, with a beautiful high pitched sound I like. I just wish there was more bass in the mix. I need a better sound system! Fantastic album, one I’ll be enjoying for years to come. Great job Ben Williams, and I look forward to the next one. Actually I should say, I look forward to purchasing the next one. Now everybody go out and do that too!

Post update – this album is now #1 for the jazz radio top 50 list at jazzweek.com! August 3rd 2011

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